Bill NewmanBill Newman

I love to help clients get exactly what they need in a web application.

This frequently involves an element of 2 directional education, as I as a developer and the client as the stakeholder determine all the factors involved and potential solutions.

I'm not afraid to tell a client that there is an easier or cheaper way to get a job done, even if that means I won't be building an app for them. I know that my success depends on their success. I usually tell a client that I'll build a custom app as a last resort. This is due to the large number of tools and existing solutions that can be used to achieve many goals.

As an instructor, I help my students understand this concept and be on the lookout for 'resume driven design' in which a developer is more interested in building something new and fun than helping the client determine the correct solution.

Once the situation is fully identified and the client's needs are outlined and agreed upon, I'm very happy to build a custom web application, or integrate applications to achieve the goals of the client!

I'm most adept at developing database driven web applications using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

As the lead programmer on a job for a Community College, Bill helped develop and build the "Web Page Generating" application for 100's of Faculty and Staff in 2002.

Bill also has a passion for sharing his interests with others and "never says no" to a networking, web development or teaching assignment.

Favorite tools: Notepad++, Github and WinSCP.

Recent assignments: