Seattle Central is proud to present a rare opportunity students & alums:

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack & Michael Reinhardt on Technical Interview & Whiteboarding

DaVincis Vitruvian Man CloseupTarah Wheeler Van Vlack, CEO of Fizzmint and Michael Reinhardt of Microsoft are coming to Seattle Central for a very special presentation on technical interviews and whiteboarding!

A technical interview features questions or programming/development problems that are specific to the job offered.

A whiteboard test is the process during a technical interview where the interviewee is asked to use a whiteboard to demonstrate a solution for a programming challenge.

Tarah and Michael will be here on Monday, August 3rd, 7-8:30pm in room BE3175 and you're invited!

Tarah and Michael have vast experience to share with us regarding the technical interview process and how to succeed in this competitive environment.

From Tarah & Michael we'll hear what its like to sit on both sides of the table during tough tech interviews with the biggest companies!

Here are some of the things Tarah & Michael will cover:

Technical Interview Demonstration: Tarah and Michael will demonstrate a technical interview during this presentation! Not to be missed!

Tarah & Michael will be here Monday, August 3rd, 7 - 8:30 pm, Room BE3175 at Seattle Central.

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack is co-founder and CEO of Fizzmint, an end-to-end employee management company. She has led projects at Microsoft Game Studios (Halo and Lips), architected systems at Silent Circle, and holds two agile development certifications through the Scrum Alliance. She founded Red Queen Technologies, LLC, and co-founded and is co-chair of Hack The People, a mentorship project focused on underprivileged people in technology. She acquired her startup funds by cleaning out poker rooms in the Northwest and Las Vegas. She is the lead author of the book “Women In Tech,” forthcoming Fall 2015. Reach her at @tarah.

Michael Reinhart Michael Reinhart is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, where he has designed, developed, and released everything from prototypes to production services. He’s worked for Exchange Server and for Microsoft Game Studios. He has advised external teams on development procedures related to Xbox LIVE, LSP, SQL and others. Michael has participated in all phases of implementation and execution for agile development systems and championed his team to transition to cloud computing.

Come and hear from Tarah & Michael how to shine in technical interviews!