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PREREQ: WEB 110 AND ITC 110 with 2.0 or better.

Monday March 18th,

Last Day Joint Labs: Today is our last day together for the quarter.  To maximize lab time, we're having joint lab times today:

  • 1pm - 3:45pm Room 3156
  • 7pm - 9:30pm Room 3174

All are welcome during the times above.  I reserve the first 15 minutes or so of each class time above to speak to the class.

T5 Online Now: Our last test, Test #5 is online now and due Sunday night, 8/19.  The test covers primarily the PHP/MySQL, Functional Includes, List/View, Classes, Sessions & File Upload lessons.  Email if you have questions about the test!

Grades Being Updated: All grades through A7 are up to date.  I'm doing a round of grading now and will email when they are ready so you can check to be sure I didn't miss anything.

 Your To Do List  

Move Files from Zephir by Tonight: We're getting word that Thursday is the official end of quarter (not Friday).  Therefore we've been warned that school resources may not be available once the quarter is over. 

This translates that Zephir may go down (and stay down) as early as Thursday evening. 

Therefore we must get all files (and database data) moved from Zephir tonight.

  If you need to continue development beyond tonight to complete course work, do so on your alternate hosting space.

T5 Due Sunday Night 11pm: Test #5 (detailed above) is due Sunday night at 11pm.  Don't forget to take this test as failing to take the test by then will incur a zero score.

All Course Work Due Sunday midnight, 8/19: Although the quarter is officially over Thursday, I can accept homework up until Sunday night.  Remember that beyond Thursday all work should continue on your alternate host as Zephir may not be available.

Questions? Email!




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BillWhen I'm 'Available' online, I can chat with you briefly, if needed. At that time, identify yourself & which class you're taking with me.

Otherwise, e-mail me PHP/MySQL questions.

chat key:
ga = go ahead
ga to sk= go ahead or stop keying
sksk= signing off (We're done!!)

Collaborate Live

    • ITC 280, 3210 01, 5 Credits
    • Summer 2012: 6/25 thru 6/15
    • Class Hours/Days:
    • M/W: 7 - 9:50pm
    • Location: SCCC room BE3174

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